Re-launching Soon!

Hello there dear visitor,

As you can see, the Amber Penguin Software site is a bit sparse. This because I am in the process of re-launching the company in a new direction that I am super excited about.


What is this new direction? Glad you asked dear visitor! I will be providing training, support and improved tooling for professional software developers working on web applications, mobile applications and API services:
  • Training will take the form of ebooks and interactive courses.
  • Support will take the form of tutorials and, mentoring.
  • I plan on improving the underlying tooling like with the case of packaging.

Also there will be option for engineering managers to reach out to me for advisory consulting on how their software development teams can improve their technical and soft skill sets.

Technical Focus

I focus will on the following technologies:
  • Python server technologies: Flask, Django, SQLAlchemy
  • React and associated web technologies: ES6, HTML 5 and CSS 3
  • Qt, C++ and QML for mobile application development
  • Emerging Rust server, mobile app and CLI tooling technologies
  • Docker and Ansible for devops and deployments
  • Linux CLI tooling

Yours truly,

Dorian Puła
Founder of Amber Penguin Software

May 29, 2018

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