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Level up your DevOps and scale your web apps with

strategic roadmaps for scaling existing operations.

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DevOps Consulting

I help small to medium business who want to scale out their web applications infrastructure and software engineering without breaking their existing IT operations in the process.

I can help you scale and serve more customers by:

  • Creating realistic roadmaps based off real data and real needs rather than hype.
  • Improve time to market by implementing continuous integration and continous deployment.
  • Transition existing applications and systems to more flexible and scalable configurations.

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Services Offered

More concretely I offer the following services:

  • Roadmap + Strategy
  • CI/CD Automation
  • Microservice, Docker + Kubernetes Migrations
  • API-Powered Statically Generated Site Migrations
  • High performance micro-scaling
  • Supporting Python + Rust technologies

Roadmap + Strategy

Not sure how to scale your IT? Do all the options seem overwhelming and seemingly made for organizations of a different scale or type than yours?

I can help you create a strategy that will work for your organization, and then create a roadmap of the necessary steps to reach your goals. Roadmaps are an essential part of any implementation project that I take on. It helps me flesh out the scope and details of a project, and minimize the risk to you as a client. All of my projects require a solid and agreed upon roadmap before starting.

CI/CD Automation

Microservices, Docker + Kubernetes Migrations

API-Powered Statically Generated Site Migrations

High Performance Micro-Scaling

Suppoting Python + Rust Technologies

Are You a Good Fit?

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