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strategic roadmaps for scaling existing operations.

About Amber Penguin Software

Amber Penguin Software is a DevOps engineering support firm based out of Toronto, Canada Canadian flag. I help software developers, engineering managers and organizations level up their DevOps game! I can help you scale out your software engineering efforts without breaking your IT operations. I can help you build out an infrastructure that can grow and scale along side your organization’s own growth in a sustainable manner.


The best way to contact me is via email:

How I am Different?

Unlike other consultancies, who are tied to a particular platform or methodology, I create roadmaps and build systems actual problems facing software engineering and IT operations teams. Also I provide reliable projects by billing by the project, and not by time and materials. I only take on projects that are off meaningful value to an organization, and that will provide solid returns. I also work with clients who have a positive or net-neutral impact on society.

I am firm believer in sustainable software development. I support the software engineering, Python and Rust communities with training, maintaining reliable tooling, and contributing to open source codebases such as Ansible, Invoke, CPython and others that I use. As such I use, support and improve existing open source technologies rather than creating new proprietary systems.

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