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About Amber Penguin Software

Amber Penguin Software is a software engineering support firm based out of Toronto, Canada Canadian flag. I help software developers, engineering managers and organizations level up their software engineering game!



The Rationale

Software is changing our world, and the people (software developers) who are responsible for making software need support. Support that software development is done with the rigour, professionalism and sustainability, that is the hallmark of all engineering endeavours.

Software developers need solid professional training, reliable tooling and sustainable codebases (in the form of libraries, frameworks, languages and ecosystem). They need these so that they can build the systems that can change our world for the better.

The Vision

The goal of Amber Penguin Software is to provide these to the software engineering community. I want to empower software developers, the managers who direct them, and the organizations that they work for, by supporting sustainable, professional software engineering.

I want to especially support the open source communities around Python, Linux, Rust, web, and mobile computing technologies. Often projects in these communities do not get the amount of support they deserve and need to continue into the future in a sustainable manner.

I believe the best way I can contribute, is via self-directed training courses, commercial open source support packages and software engineering consulting services.

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