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Current Project

I am working on The jq Cookbook, an e-book that introduces the jq cli tool, that is the favoured JSON data streaming and manipulation tool for application developers, system administrators and data science engineers. It takes you from an introduction all the way to more advanced topics, and the companion app helps you skill up in using jq.

Planned e-Courses

I plan on creating the following courses on:

  • DevOps

    • Ansible
    • Docker
    • Microservice Architectures
    • UNIX tooling
    • Effective DevOps
  • Backend Development

    • REST APIs
    • Microservices
    • Python server apps
    • Rust server apps
  • Frontend Development

    • React
    • CSS animation
    • SVG
    • CSS grid and flexbox layouts
    • WebAssembly
    • API-driven static sites
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